A partnership created through a friendship spanning almost 3 decades between Craig Steeples and Young. Going back to the early 90’s when Craig and Neil were working together in the finance team at Thomson Holidays (now Tui), a strong friendship bond was formed which soon extended to include both David and Sylvana. By the early 2000’s we had started our first joint venture together.

Craig went on to found and run a highly successful finance software business. After selling the company in 2000, he went travelling before settling in Bali over 15 years ago. Craig has amassed 20+ years of experience as an owner of hospitality, fitness and property operations and used his extensive knowledge to bring together some of the most iconic villas in Bali for our retreats. He is also one of the co-founders of Wanderlust Fitness Village whose key focus is “building better humans”.

Young has an impeccable 25+ years’ experience of investment and innovation in places, service and experiences, including an unrivalled set of experience from being the pioneers of the Build to Rent sector, as well as launching and leading Get Living. We have an enviable track record of growing start-ups to maturity, consistently creating multi award winning businesses.

We Are Bersama

At its heart, we are an amazing host. Ready to welcome, we have a number of large luxury villas located around the South coast region of Bali, Indonesia. We partner to create retreat experiences that bring like-minded people together to create memories and indulge in the activities they love and make them feel good. Ready to welcome our guests to our beautiful villas, set in authentic locations with fresh local cuisine and a relaxed atmosphere. Every visitor is a friend and welcome guest.

Bersama raises the bar, bringing international standards for operations, ideas, service and professionalism that create quality, boutique-style experiences for every aspect of the retreat. Creating unforgettable experiences drives our team and makes our reputation as a leading, international retreat provider.

Our Focus

Bersama creates choice. We align today’s holy ‘trinity’ of time away concentrating on mind, body & care. A focus on mind and body, combined with care for the island plus the preservation of its beauty and culture to provide a truly authentic experience.

Our Values

Bersama is not just in Bali; it belongs in Bali. As an island business, we understand and live the culture. We identify with respect, the effortless blend of old and new, friendliness and a welcome that means “we’re happy you’re here”.

Our Partners

We partner with great people. We have created a growing network of like-minded specialists, pioneers and practitioners in health, fitness and wellness. We work with them to delivery authentic, expert experiences. We provide a choice of inclusive, focussed or multi-activity retreats in health, fitness, sports, culture and wellness. Providing options for solo travellers, couples, groups and families.

There’s no better place or time to calm the soul, clear the mind and look after our bodies. Bali is blessed with a perfect climate, a people boasting proud religious traditions and beliefs, hospitality and a tranquillity experienced nowhere else on earth.

Bersama, Together