The overriding aim of PRSupdate was to promote sharing of best practice and to encourage discussion.  The monthly paper had a readership in excess of 11,000 and the PRS blog, which also hosted the articles, received thousands of weekly hits.

PRSupdate focused on topics surrounding and affecting the Private Rented Sector and was a useful resource for anyone seeking information and advice about the PRS, whether from an investment, asset management, lettings and property management or finance perspective.

Knowledge was vital to us and our clients. Featuring a mix of opinion, market data, research and in-depth articles from impressive guest writers such as Liz Peace, then CEO of the British Property Federation, Housing and shadow Housing Ministers, (including The Right Honourable Nick Raynsford MP) and Deputy Chairman of TfL, Daniel Moylan, the site was a one-stop resource for all things PRS related.

Examples of guest articles include:

Private Renting – a policy for our time?
Liz Peace, CEO of the British Property Federation

The government is unlocking growth in the Private Rented Sector,
Mark Prisk MP, Housing Minister

Meeting housing need through the Private Rented Sector,
Jack Dromey MP, Shadow Housing Minister

The Private Rented Sector – where next?
Clive Betts, Member of Parliament

In addition, through Young Group’s own quarterly and annual Young Index research, we gauged market sentiment directly by polling PRS investors with residential property holdings. The Young Index findings were made freely available to clients, industry contacts and the press.

In 2014, the executive team took on executive roles at Get Living.

As we no longer had the time to dedicate to PRSUpdate we decided to retire it.

Over the years people have told us it was an important element of the early growth of the Build to Rent sector.

We are very proud of it.