The founder of QIQO, Michael Tsiagbe, approached Young in the summer of 2020, having started QIQO 18 months earlier with the goal to build and operate rented key worker accommodation across London.

Michael was keen to learn from Young’s experience in the living sector. This was additionally relevant as he was a resident in Get Living’s East Village and liked the approach implemented by the Young team whilst they were running Get Living.

QIQO is passionate about bringing balance back to an unequal housing market. In order to achieve this balance, we are not afraid to tackle challenging sites which may go overlooked by the majority of the market. In order to ensure challenges are successfully addressed QIQO utilises our experience of delivering ambitious projects, work with the best consultants and incorporate the use of modern methods of construction in proposals.

To achieve this, we work with reputable and socially motivated investors with a commitment to improving lives. This includes collaborating with a leading social impact investor with in excess of £1bn invested in social impact property ventures to-date, as well as discussions with an RSL that have a key worker accommodation portfolio  across London.

Improving Key Worker Living

We believe that by not prioritising housing for people who play crucial roles in society, communities have become morally and economically unsustainable.


QIQO is led by pioneers in their respective sectors within the property industry.

Michael Tsiagbe – Founder & CEO and Neil Young – Chairman & Investor

Close. Affordable. Contemporary.

A close, affordable and contemporary home for those whose jobs are to care for us, keep us safe and teach our children.


Close: One bus principle

A simple premise for assessing the potential of a site. We think simple is good. QIQO map where key workers could and do work within a Borough. We measure how easy the journey to and from work would be from the homes. One bus, a brisk walk, a safe cycle or an easy underground ride. If it meets these criteria, we know we can overcome a critical barrier key workers face to enjoying a better quality of life that helps keep them healthy, safe and effective.

Affordable. 50:35

We set a target for at least 50% of our homes to be let at intermediate rents for single key workers. Of these homes, we aim for rents, bills and council tax to not exceed 35% of a Key Worker’s gross income.

We support single key workers who are typically new to the capital and/or country, living a far distance from friends or family and/or at the infancy of their careers. As an intermediate housing product, we set our rents to be affordable to people who are working and do not necessarily qualify for social housing.

Quality: The QIQO Product

An affordable co-living product for single key workers which typically feature fully furnished, en-suite bedrooms/studios, with a focus on community, with common lounges and/or dining spaces.

We operate within a recession-proof sector built on consistency of demand with a focus and commitment to Key Worker housing. As seasoned disruptors in city living, we understand the importance of aligning social impact objectives and investment capital.

QIQO – we stand for Close. Affordable. Contemporary.