We Are Kin launched in September 2020, a partnership between Richard Crawshay Jones, Thomas Elliott and Young. The fruition of an innocent conversation at the table of an awards lunch in 2019. A meeting of minds and ambitions.

Richard and Thomas have been working together investing in student accommodation for over a decade. Diligent in their approach, they have acquired an impressive student portfolio. They analyse the market, have an enviable set of contacts and understand the various dynamics that lead to successful investment in this asset class.

Young has an impeccable 25+ years’ experience in the Living Sector consistently creating multi award winning businesses. Young brings an unrivalled set of experience from being the pioneers of the Build to Rent sector, including launching and leading Get Living.

Students deserve better

There are currently around 2 million students in higher education throughout the UK. Approximately 1m of these students are living in privately provided student homes, the remainder reside in university halls, private Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) and a small percentage live at their family homes. 77% of the student population comes from the UK, 7% from EU and 16% non-EU.

PBSA has introduced better quality homes and service for students and currently provides around 200,000 bedrooms. Delivered through a number of institutional landlords and with pricing principally at the higher end of the scale, this has proved to be a product favoured mostly by overseas students who are not inhibited by the price point.

The private accommodation market still lacks quality and service. Students housed in HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation) have for too long experienced sub-standard student accommodation with poor service. Given the majority of the student population live in these homes, this is where We Are Kin is focusing its efforts to challenge and improve the sector.  We want to redefine student HMO positively as the student shared living (SSL) sector.

Not Your Typical Student House

In our books typical means not good enough! We know the little touches are important to balance practical stuff with fun stuff. So, when we design a home we think beyond it.

Sensible Prices

We Are Kin believe in providing the homes and services students want at sensible prices. We focus on the houses traditionally rented by the domestic student market, in great locations close to the universities. Our pricing includes superfast broadband, quality furniture, all-inclusive billing & no deposit required.

Smart Maintenance

Why should students’ first independent living experience be so poor? We take the time to do things properly, so they won’t spend their time groaning and trying to get stuff fixed.